‘Clean K League I Create’ K League Assist-Hana Financial Group Completes Garbage Separation Campaign

‘Clean K League I Create’ K League Assist-Hana Financial Group Completes Garbage Separation Campaign

A garbage separation campaign jointly organized by K League of Legends Assist (Chairman Kwak Young-jin, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Foundation’) and Hana Financial Group (Chairman Ham Young-ju) ended successfully on the 11th at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium.

The goal of the event was to create a culture of proper waste separation in K League stadiums. It is part of the ‘K League Green Kickoff’, an eco-friendly campaign that the Korea Football Association (KFA), Hana Financial Group, and the Social Welfare Foundation (Chairman Kim Byung-jun) have been promoting since 2021.

Due to the nature of professional soccer, there are many situations where spectators gather at a certain time and generate mixed trash, which contaminates recyclables and prevents them from being recycled. This campaign is designed to raise awareness among K League fans about proper waste disposal and prevent the mixing of recyclables with general waste.

According to the 6th National Waste Statistics Survey in 2022, 7,089 tons of waste are discarded at soccer fields annually. Of that, 2,519 tons are recyclable resources, which means that one-third of the total waste can be reduced by properly separating and recycling waste.

To this end, the Foundation partnered with Daejeon Hana Citizens to install large recycling containers in front of Gate S, the busiest plaza at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium, to encourage fans to recycle. Fans who participated were given a gift of a K League Baseball transportation card as well as a gift of a poparo. The packaging was sponsored by Lotte Well Food, which has recently taken the lead in eco-friendliness with its convenient recycling packages, and the operation of the recycling bins was helped by Ricoh, a waste logistics IT startup.

In particular, the ‘Everyone’s Lucky Ticket’ event was held after the end of the game, when most waste is generated, to encourage fans to recognize and participate in the campaign. The QR code on the lucky ticket allowed fans to see the trash pouring into the stadium in augmented reality. Fans intuitively understood the trash generated in the stadium and developed a sense of empathy for waste reduction.

Out of the 8,000 fans who visited the stadium that day, more than 1,600 fans participated in the recycling program, and more than 500 of them participated after the game.

Meanwhile, the foundation is organizing one more campaign at the Bucheon Sports Complex on March 26, when Bucheon and Jeonnam will play. In addition to raising awareness, the campaign also involves sorting and measuring waste. Through this, the foundation will identify the type and amount of waste generated per game to continuously track and reduce the waste generated in K League stadiums. 토토사이트


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