Bucheon concludes ‘2023 Bucheon FC 1995 Kids World Cup’… with a lot of enthusiasm despite bad weather

Bucheon concludes ‘2023 Bucheon FC 1995 Kids World Cup’… with a lot of enthusiasm despite bad weather

The Kids World Cup, organized by Bucheon FC1995 (owner Choi Soon-ik, Mayor of Bucheon), has come to a successful conclusion.

On Sunday, November 5, the ‘2023 Bucheon FC1995 Kids World Cup’ was held at Bucheon Northern Water Resources Ecological Park for young soccer dreamers. Now in its fourth year, the Kids World Cup is Bucheon FC’s soccer tournament for young soccer dreamers, and it was popular with 22 teams participating, more than double the number of participants last year.

Despite the rainy weather on the day of the tournament, the enthusiasm of the 196 young soccer players and the support of their parents was high.

The tournament was divided into 1-2 and 3-4 grade divisions. In the 1-2 grade division, ‘INYU Seogu’ won the championship and Lee Hyung-seok (INYU Seogu) was named MVP, while in the 3-4 grade division, ‘FC B.K’ won the championship and Jeong Jung-hoo (FC B.K) was named MVP.

In particular, FC B.K, the winner of the 3-4th grade division, is the child of Kim Hyun-soo, CEO of Moto Kawasaki, the official sponsor of Bucheon, and he showed his love for soccer by visiting the stadium and adding his support.

The story of Shindocho FC, a first- and second-grade team, also caught our attention, as it fulfills the requirement that all children who love soccer can participate. Unlike the other participating teams, Shindocho FC had no professional coach and no uniforms – they were literally a group of children who gathered on a playground because they loved soccer. They showed their passion by reaching the semifinals. 토토사이트

Kim Sung-nam, head coach of Bucheon FC 1995, said, “Through this Kids World Cup, I could feel the passion of children who love soccer. We will make a lot of efforts so that children can continue to love and enjoy soccer and grow into wonderful soccer talents,” he said.


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