Gundogan on teammate sniping controversy…Xavi “Muller criticized Munich too?”

Gundogan on teammate sniping controversy…Xavi “Muller criticized Munich too?”

Ilkay Gündoğan’s (33) sniping remarks at a teammate have been interpreted as a result of cultural differences.

“We were all angry after the game against Real, but Guindoan was just expressing his inner anger on the outside,” Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said in a press conference, according to a report by Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo on Thursday.

Barcelona lost 1-2 in the 11th round of the 2023/2024 Spanish Primera Liga against Real last month. It was their first league defeat of the season and dropped them to fourth place in the standings.

The performance was unsatisfactory. Despite taking an early lead through Guindoan, Barcelona were brought to their knees by Jude Bellingham. The 15 shots on goal didn’t even pose much of a threat to Real.

The player most upset by the loss was Guendouane. “I wanted to see more anger and disappointment from my teammates,” he said in a post-match interview, criticizing their attitude.

“When we lose, when we don’t play better, we need to show more emotion. The disappointment should be transferred to the field,” he said.

Gundogan had a different reason for his anger: He reportedly became frustrated when he walked into the locker room immediately after the Real game and saw two of his teammates joking around on their cell phones.

Xavi’s reaction was muted. “It’s a cultural difference,” he said. Any one of us could have said that,” he explains. 보스토토

“Guindoan is influenced by a different culture than us. Look at how Thomas Muller was the first to criticize Bayern Munich after they lost,” he said, emphasizing that Gündoğan’s comments came from a German player’s mentality.

As Xavi noted, Muller said after the last loss to Saarbrücken, “Only three or four players greeted the fans. This is absolutely unacceptable. We have to respect the fans,” he said after the loss to Saarbrücken.

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