K-League ‘substitution mistake’ case to be concluded midweek…”Reasonableness over speed”

K-League ‘substitution mistake’ case to be concluded midweek…”Reasonableness over speed”

The Korean Football Association (KFA) is mulling over the “substitution mistake” that occurred in the K League 1 match between Jeonbuk Hyundai and the Pohang Steelers.

The league held a match evaluation committee on the morning of the 30th. The meeting was expected to decide whether or not Pohang should forfeit the 0-3 loss, but the K League decided not to make a decision right away.

A senior official from the Pro League said, “It’s not a matter to be judged mechanically. We thought about making a decision today, but it looks like we need a little more time.”

He continued, “There are no K League games for the time being. It is a time when reasonable judgment is needed rather than speed.”

The main reason why the professional league is trying to handle the case with a focus on ‘reasonableness’ rather than ‘speed’ is that it is very difficult to find Pohang’s ‘culpability’.

It is true that Pohang tried to substitute Shin Kwang-hoon in the same fullback position for the injured Kim Yong-hwan, but made the mistake of writing “Kim Yong-hwan out, Shin Kwang-hoon in” instead of “Kim In-sung out, Shin Kwang-hoon in” on the substitution sheet.

However, this was only a mistake on their part. It was just a mistake on a substitution card. It’s not a mistake that compromised the fairness of the match.

The problem came next when the referees didn’t handle the “Kim In-sung out, Shin Kwang-hoon in” call properly.

Kim In-sung stayed on the field, and the assistant referee left him alone. The assistant referee mistakenly thought that Kim Yong-hwan, who was being treated for an injury off the field, had legitimately been substituted.

Some have pointed out that Pohang should be held accountable as Kim In-sung was also at fault for continuing to play when he should have been substituted.

However, Article 3, paragraph 3 of the Laws of the Game of the International Football Association (IFAB) stipulates that ‘if the player to be substituted refuses to leave, the game shall continue’.

Even if Kim In-sung knew he was being substituted, there is nothing wrong with his behavior in continuing to play.

That leaves only the referee’s fault for letting Shin Kwang-hoon in while Kim In-sung was still playing.

Of course, Jeonbuk is the most guilty party in this case. They had to play for six minutes against an opponent with 12 players on the pitch. 짱구카지노 도메인

However, Kim Yong-hwan wasn’t actually “playing” on the field. He was off the field the entire time.

The Professional League will review the case from various perspectives, including the opinions of both clubs, the referee who was present at the time, and the advice of the penalty committee and the chairman.


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