The 2023 ‘Chungnam Derby’ ended with three wins out of three…Chungnam Asan defeats Chunan 2-0

The 2023 ‘Chungnam Derby’ ended with three wins out of three…Chungnam Asan defeats Chunan 2-0

Chungnam Asan has ended the ‘Chungnam Derby’ against Cheonan with three wins in three matches this season.

Chungnam Asan FC, led by head coach Park Dong-hyuk, won 2-0 against Cheonan City FC in the 37th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at the Asan Yi Sunshin Sports Complex in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do at 4 p.m. on April 28. Park Dae-hoon scored the first goal in the 15th minute and Kang Min-kyu added a goal in the sixth minute of the second half to break Cheonan’s scoreless streak.

Chungnam Asan’s Song Seung-min opened the scoring with a good shot. In the fifth minute of the first half, Kang Min-gyu took the ball from the right flank into the opponent’s penalty box and attempted a turnover. His left-footed shot went straight to the opponent’s goalkeeper.

Cheonan responded in kind. In the seventh minute, a long cross from the right side of the Chungnam Asan box was headed toward Paulinho, who was breaking through from the other side. His header floated high.

Chungnam Asan rattled the opposition goal early on. In the 15th minute, Park Dae-hoon received a long pass from the Cheonan left flank near the halfway line and used a light touch to beat a defender before firing a shot into the corner. It was his third straight goal and sixth of the season.

As the first half wore on, Cheonan tried to develop their offense through individual skills such as Paulinho’s kicks and dribbles. The initiative started to come.

There were some dizzying moments in the Chungnam Asan offense. In the 43rd minute, Park Dae-hoon’s attempted cross was cleared by the Cheonan defense and headed towards the friendly goal. Fortunately, it went wide left.

A very close chance for an additional goal was missed. In the 45th minute, Park Dae-hoon won the ball in Cheonan’s territory under pressure. He entered the left side of the penalty box and beat the goalkeeper, but his subsequent pass to Kang Min-kyu was inaccurate as the shooting angle was not available.

Both teams pulled out their substitutes at the start of the second half. Chungnam Asan brought on Kim Seung-ho and Kim Joo-sung came off the pitch. Cheonan brought on Kim Sung-joo and Chao Yeon, while Lee Min-soo and Oh Hyun-kyo left the field.

Chungnam Asan made the perfect addition. In the sixth minute of the second half, Lee Eun-beom’s space pass from the left side of the opponent’s half near the halfway line was received with a great touch by Park Dae-hoon. He cut inside the penalty box and sent a left-footed cross that was finished by Kang Min-gyu.

Cheonan’s best chance for a second goal was denied by the goalkeeper. In the 11th minute of the second half, Paulinho’s attempted pass after breaking into the penalty box was met by Jung Seok-hwa. Park Joo-won made a good save on the rebound. Paulinho’s subsequent shot was also saved by Park. 짱구카지노 주소

Cheonan, who raised the mood with back-to-back shots, made a substitution in the 18th minute of the second half. Oh Yoon-seok and Han Jae-hoon came on, while Park Jun-gang and Kim Joo-hwan were dropped.

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