‘5 Coaches Leaked’ Lee Seung-ho, Cho Woong-chun Hired as Pitching Coaches…’Lotte→SSG’, Returns to Doosan after 4 Years

‘5 Coaches Leaked’ Lee Seung-ho, Cho Woong-chun Hired as Pitching Coaches…’Lotte→SSG’, Returns to Doosan after 4 Years

Coach Cho Woong-cheon (52) joins Lee Seung-ho as a ‘symbol of original steadiness’

Doosan recently confirmed the signing of coach Cho Ung-chun. After a four-year hiatus, he is back in a Doosan uniform.

Cho played for Doosan as a future coach from 2017 to 2019. After the 2019 season, he became the pitching coach for the Lotte Giants, and from 2021, he coached pitchers for SSG Landers.

He was the first-team pitching coach from 2021 to 2023, but in September, he moved to the Futures team as a way to shake things up after a losing streak.

Cho was a “symbol of steadiness” during his playing days. He joined the Pacific Dolphins in 1990 and went on to play for the Hyundai Unicorns and SK Wyverns (now SSG). From 1996 to 2008, the year before his retirement, he made history as a reliever, appearing in more than 50 games in the KBO for the first 13 consecutive years. He won the hold title in 2000 (16 holds) and the save title in 2003 (30 saves).

He was also recognized for his leadership skills. Last year, he helped SSG win the overall title. This season, although he was sent down to the Futures midseason, he helped Seo Ji-yong become the first KBO player to record 30 no-hitters.

This season, Doosan’s coaching turnover continued as they finished the regular season in fifth place. So far, five coaches have left the organization. Most notably, Doosan lost a “mainstream” coach when Kim Tae-hyung, the former manager of Doosan, took over as manager of the Lotte Giants. First-team coaches Kim Joo-chan, Ko Young-min, and Futures Yoo Jae-shin chose to join Lotte. Both had been coaches during Kim’s tenure as Doosan’s head coach.

In addition, Jung Jae-hoon, who was the pitching coach for the first and second teams this season, left to become the pitching coach for the KIA Tigers, and Kim Woo-seok, who was the operations and defense coach for the Futures, moved to become the first team defense coach for the Hanwha Eagles.

With five coaches leaving after the end of the season alone, it was time to reorganize the coaching staff internally. The pitching staff, which was one of the biggest fires in the fire, received a breath of fresh air with the hiring of the experienced Cho Woong-cheon. 굿모닝토토 도메인

Doosan will continue to work on appointing coaches for the first and second teams, including the outfield.


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