‘Like Son Heung-min’ scores Champions League debut goal at 22…heralds ‘Lee Kang-in era’

‘Like Son Heung-min’ scores Champions League debut goal at 22…heralds ‘Lee Kang-in era’

Lee Kang-in scored his debut goal in the Champions League, the ‘stage of dreams’. The stadium where he scored his first goal in a Parisian jersey was the same one where his late coach Yoo Sang-chul rattled the net 25 years ago.

Choi Jong-hyuk is a reporter.

The goalie couldn’t touch it as it slipped into the corner of the net.

A gift for his mentor, the late coach Yoo Sang-chul, Lee Kang-in’s debut goal was made even better by his teammates.

After receiving a pass from Emery, Hammers faked a move that fooled all the AC Milan defenders, and Lee finished with a “one-shot, one-kill.

[Lee Kang-in: I think every footballer wants to play so much, and it’s been a dream since I was a kid, so I think we need to prepare well and make sure we win].

The desire for the dream stage was ignited when he came on as a 26th-minute substitute in the second half, and the numbers speak for themselves: 21 touches of the ball in that short time, 15 passes attempted and 14 successful.

A brilliant dribble followed by a ball to Mbappe left the opposition giddy and he turned the game around in an instant with one sensational pass.

Theo, AC Milan’s world-class fullback, whose deft movement allowed him to break through several times, eventually brought Lee to a halt with a foul. 토스카지노 도메인

In fact, Lee’s goal started with a pass from Lee with his back to Theo.

Mbappe celebrated by wrapping his arms around Lee’s face, and his former club, Mallorca, shared in the joy as Lee celebrated what he called “a magical night in Paris.”

Following his Asian Games gold medal and back-to-back A-League goals at the age of 22, just like Son Heung-min nine years earlier, a “dazzling October” heralded Lee’s time.


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