‘Including 5 rookies’ KIA to finalize Okinawa training from Nov. 1

‘Including 5 rookies’ KIA to finalize Okinawa training from Nov. 1

After finishing the regular season in sixth place, the Kia Tigers will begin preparations for the 2024 season.

“The team will begin final training at the Kin Stadium in Okinawa from Nov. 1-28,” the team announced on Nov. 26. According to the organization, the final workouts will be held on a four-day training schedule with one day off.

Twenty-eight players, including five 2024 rookies, will participate in physical and technical training. The team, including new coaches Jung Jae-hoon and Lee Dong-gul, will travel to Okinawa on November 31 on flight OZ172.

On the mound, young pitchers who have shown promise in the first team this season, such as Kim Ki-hoon and Hwang Dong-ha, as well as ‘lefty rookie’ Yoon Young-chul, who has pitched beyond expectations, will participate in the training. Han Jun-soo, who helped anchor the defense in the second half of the regular season alongside main catcher Kim Tae-gun, will also board the plane to Okinawa.

While the infield and outfield are mostly inexperienced players, outfielder Lee Woo-sung, who had his best season since his debut, was also named to the final training roster.

Meanwhile, the players who will participate in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) 2023, which will be held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan for four days from November 16, will train in Gwangju from November 26 and join the national team in time for the call-up date. The national baseball team is scheduled to be called up on November 5, and four KIA players made the final roster, including pitchers Jung Hae-young, Lee Yi-ri, and Choi Ji-min, and infielder Kim Do-young.

KIA Okinawa final training roster (*marked are 2024 rookies)

Manager: Kim Jong-guk

Coaches (9): Jin Gap-yong, Jung Jae-hoon, Lee Dong-gul, Hong Se-wan, Lee Bum-ho, Park Ki-nam, Lee Hyun-gon, Cho Jae-young, Kim Sang-hoon

Pitchers (13): Kim Ki-hoon, Kim Yoo-shin, Kim Jae-yeol, Kim Chan-min, Park Joon-pyo, Yoo Seung-cheol, Yoon Young-chul, Yoon Jung-hyun, Jang Min-ki, Hwang Dong-ha, *Kang Dong-hoon, *Kim Min-jae, *Choi Jiwoong 굿모닝토토 주소

Catchers (4): Shin Beom-soo, Han Seung-taek, Han Jun-soo, Lee Sang-joon

Infielders (6): Kim Kyu-seong, Byun Woo-hyuk, Oh Sun-woo, Jeong Jung-won, Hong Jong-pyo, Kim Doo-hyun

Outfielders (5): Kim Seok-hwan, Kim Ho-ryung, Park Jung-woo, Lee Woo-seong, Lee Chang-jin


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