‘Eliminated after 1G in Fall Baseball’ Doosan apologizes to fans “We fell short”

‘Eliminated after 1G in Fall Baseball’ Doosan apologizes to fans “We fell short”

The Doosan Bears, who were eliminated from fall baseball after one game, have apologized to their fans.

The team posted an image of the apology on its official social media accounts on Tuesday after losing the first game of the wild-card deciding series 9-14 on Sept. 19.

“Thank you, we fell short,” Doosan said, and bowed to the fans, “Despite your support and encouragement, we were unable to climb to higher heights as expected by our fans. It was our fault.”

“Based on this year’s experience, we will definitely show the power of Miracle Doosan next year,” he said.

Doosan qualified for the postseason in fifth place this season with a record of 74 wins, 68 losses and two draws (0.521 winning percentage). Compared to last year (60 wins, 82 losses, 2 draws, 0.423 winning percentage), the team finished ninth.

However, the ‘rookie’ Lee Seung-yup’s management was not enough to satisfy the fans. Once ranked as high as third, Doosan slipped out of the race at the end of the season and finished fifth. At the postseason send-off ceremony after a 2-3 loss to the SSG Landers in Jamsil on Nov. 16, some fans booed when a video of Lee was shown on the scoreboard.

Doosan’s performance in the first game of the wild card decider also fell short of fans’ expectations. Mistakes such as errors and wild pitches led to a whopping 14 runs given up to NC. There were also questions about the timing of Lee’s pitching changes. 카지노사이트

After being eliminated from the fall baseball season, Doosan posted an apology to appease the angry fans. “Once again, we would like to bow our heads to the Doosan fans and express our apologies and gratitude. We are sorry, and we are very grateful for the whole year,” Doosan said in the apology.


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