“Hwang In-Beom is the best in Greece”, a famous Eastern European newspaper

“Hwang In-Beom is the best in Greece”, a famous Eastern European newspaper

Midfielder Inbum Hwang (27-Trvena Zvezda) has been praised by a trusted daily newspaper in the Serbo-Croatian-speaking region.

“We can already talk about Inbum Hwang, who came to Tsrvena Zvezda from Olympiakos, and he is showing the same skills (in his new team) that made him one of the best in Greek professional soccer,” the Bosnian newspaper Oslobozene reported.

In the summer transfer market this year, Zvezda made the highest investment in the history of the Serbian first division, paying €5.5 million (approx. KRW 7.8 billion) to Olympiakos (Greece) for Hwang In-bum. His contract runs until June 2027.

Serbia is ranked 13th in the 2023-24 UEFA rankings and Greece 19th. Tsrvena Zvezda are ranked 44th in the European Club Rankings, while Olympiakos are 48th.
Oslobozene is the most authoritative newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 80 years of history. Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of the same country (Yugoslavia) as Serbia from 1945-1992. Even after the breakup, 30.8% of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s population is Serbian.

Hwang played three Serbian first division matches as a central/attacking midfielder and two UEFA Champions League matches as a defensive midfielder for Zvezda. He excels as a utility player who can play according to the tactical needs of his team depending on the opponent and the difference in strength.

“Hwang In-beom is a great addition to the defending Serbian League champions,” said Oslobozene. He shows why he has 47 caps for the 26th-ranked Korean national team,” said Oslobozene, praising his performance since joining Tsubena Zvezda.

In his debut season in the UEFA Champions League, the world’s top club competition, Hwang recorded 1.04 shots on target per 90 minutes, 6.76 ball recoveries and 4.68 contested shots (64% dominance rate). Tsubena Zvezda has done her job as a defensive midfielder.
His performance in the Serbian first division, where he is stronger than his opponents, is even better. His passing accuracy in the defensive third is 98%, his possession rate in 50/50 situations is 73%, and his ball recovery rate of 6.78 per 90 minutes is very impressive.

His 90-minute averages of 3.66 scoring chances created, 3.12 successful passes over 22.86 meters, and 2.71 effective roving passes and 2.71 successful crosses show how creative Hwang has been in the Serbian top flight this season.

Hwang is taking 2.31 free kicks per 90 minutes in the Serbian league. That’s 1.36 per full-time, making him hard for opponents to stop without a foul. 메이저사이트

He averages 2.71 tackles per 90 minutes in the 2023-24 Serbian First Division and 7.19 contested possessions. He can be used as a central or attacking midfielder, but he’s still defensively sound enough to create pressure.


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