EPL top scorer Hwang Hee-chan “doesn’t think about competing with Heung Min-hyung”…”Honored to be recognized by a top manager (Pep)”

EPL top scorer Hwang Hee-chan “doesn’t think about competing with Heung Min-hyung”…”Honored to be recognized by a top manager (Pep)”

Hwang Hee-chan (27, Wolverhampton) has been recalled to the Klinsmann for the home leg of the A-Match.

He said he was encouraged by the recent recognition of his skills by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. This was revealed in an official interview before the South Korean national soccer team’s training session at the Paju NFC on Tuesday afternoon.

When asked about his new nickname, “Korean guy,” following his recent performance against Manchester City, Hwang replied, “I think nicknames come out one by one until they get a little boring, but I’m happy that it’s a very positive nickname, and I think it’s positive that I can promote Korea and Korea.

Guardiola called Hwang “Korean Guy” at a press conference a day before the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) Round 7 match against Wolverhampton.

The next day, Hwang exploded for a goal against Man City to give Wolverhampton a 2-1 win.

“My name may not have come to mind, but I was honored that the best coach for a long time mentioned (me) in terms of performance, and it gave me confidence before the game,” Hwang reflected.

“It’s true that there were more reactions from Europe afterward,” he said, when asked if it made his name more recognizable.

Hwang has been shining in the EPL this season. He scored his sixth goal of the season in the eighth minute of the eighth round at home against Aston Villa. He is fourth in EPL scoring this season.

City’s Elling Holland leads the league with eight goals, followed by Son Heung-min (31-Tottenham) with six.

When asked if he was confident about scoring in the A-Match given his goal-scoring streak, Hwang said, “Of course, as a striker, I always try to help out with a goal or an assist. I am also preparing for the national team. I always want to help the team.”

When asked about his competition with Son Heung-min at the beginning of the season and whether he is confident of winning, he said, “I don’t think Heung-min is competing with my brother. I’m very proud that Heung-min is playing in the best league in the world with my brother.”

“I’ve watched him play, I’ve seen him set records, so I think I can do what I have to do and be a source of strength for him,” he said. 토토사이트

He also talked about his relationship with Son Heung-min, saying, “We’ve been playing together since 2016. We always try to have good synergy. There are things we’ve made together at important moments. We understand each other well and rely on each other, so I think we can show a lot of good things in the future.”


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