Why Tottenham don’t have a naming sponsor for their stadium: “Levy says it’s too expensive”

Why Tottenham don’t have a naming sponsor for their stadium: “Levy says it’s too expensive”

Taking a hard stance also applies to sponsorship negotiations.

On March 3 (KST), British media outlet ‘Football Insider’ reported, “Tottenham have yet to secure a naming rights deal for their stadium. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is largely to blame. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is said to be asking too much for a naming rights deal.”

In 2019, Tottenham completed the construction of their current home, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, in their hometown of Tottenham, North London, England.

It cost a fortune to build. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was the newest and best equipped Premier League stadium.

It had a capacity of 62,850. It was a huge investment to accommodate the growing number of fans and gate receipts.

Usually, big clubs have naming rights to their stadiums. They pay a huge amount of money every year to have their name attached to the stadium.

Examples include Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

However, Tottenham’s home stadium is still called Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to this day. Big names like Google have been in talks to buy the name of Tottenham’s home stadium, but no deal has been reached.

This is due to Levy’s hardball negotiation tactics. Even former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson is tongue-in-cheek about Levy’s reputation for never cutting corners.

This applies to sponsor negotiations as well. 안전놀이터 Companies shake their heads at the amount of money Levy demands and the length of contracts.

As Football Insider put it, “Levy’s stubbornness is hurting Tottenham’s bottom line. The longer the name Tottenham Hotspur Stadium stays, the more the image of the stadium is cemented, and the fewer companies will want to become naming rights holders. The longer we wait, the worse it is for Tottenham.”

Still, Levy is unwavering. He told Bloomberg, “We’re not being chased by a naming rights holder,” he said.


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