2023 Park Chan-ho’s youth baseball camp ‘Camp 61’ resumes after four years, looks for second Korean Express

2023 Park Chan-ho’s youth baseball camp ‘Camp 61’ resumes after four years, looks for second Korean Express

Park Chan-ho, Korea’s first major league baseball player, has been hosting a charity baseball camp for youth baseball players since 2011, and after a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Camp 61 is back.

This year’s slogan for Camp 61, which announces the camp with a new slogan every year, is “The Korean Express,” a nickname for Park Chan-ho, who made his mark on the world’s biggest stage, the MLB, with his fastball.

In the 10th edition of the monumental ‘Camp 61’, Korean baseball legend Park Chan-ho meets the candidates for the ‘second Korean Express’ under the slogan of his powerful nickname.

Camp 61 is a dream camp for young athletes and is known for its colorful coaching staff.
Led by Korean Specialist Park Chan-ho and Korea’s top rehabilitation specialist Cha Myung-joo (Korea Baseball Softball Federation), the previous nine camps have featured Korea’s top stars, including Lee Seung-yeop, Ryu Hyun-jin, Lee Dae-ho, Kim Tae-gyun, Park Yong-taek, and Kim Ha-seong, working with the future of Korean baseball.

This year, the 10th anniversary, the coaching staff is expected to be composed of Korean baseball legends and current top stars.

Lee Joon, CEO of Hall of Fame Company, who was in charge of organizing the camp, said, “I felt so sorry for the kids who couldn’t participate in the camp during the corona pandemic. I’m so happy that Camp 61, which instills big dreams in children who are the future of Korean baseball, is back,” he said, expressing his excitement for the camp’s resumption after three years.

The application period for Korean Express Park Chan-ho’s charity camp ‘Camp 61’, which will select a total of 120 participants, is from October 2-13, and the final participants will be announced on October 18. Participation is free of charge. Participants can apply on the Hall of Fame Company website 토토사이트(www.hofcompany.com).

Much attention is expected to be paid to Park Chan-ho’s youth baseball camp, which resumed after a four-year hiatus in search of the next Korean Superstar.


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