‘From wreaths to one-man protests,’ fans vow collective action as Suwon sacks coach

‘From wreaths to one-man protests,’ fans vow collective action as Suwon sacks coach

It was important to revitalize the team’s atmosphere, but it was done in a very wrong way. Suwon fans were forced to let Kim Byung-soo go in vain.

Suwon Samsung announced on Saturday that Kim Byung-soo has stepped down as head coach, taking responsibility for the team’s poor performance, and that Yeom Ki-hoon will take over as acting head coach for the remainder of the season.

Suwon explained the reason for Kim Byung-soo’s dismissal, saying, “We judged that extraordinary measures were inevitable in order to resolve the desperate crisis and rekindle the spark of hope. Of course, with only one win in their last seven games and four straight defeats, including a loss to 10-man Daegu, there are some who say the sacking was inevitable.

However, with two games left before the split round, the general consensus is that there was room for a little more patience if the coach was willing to go through with it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the appointment of his successor also raised questions from fans. The appointment of Yeom Ki-hoon as acting head coach was no different. In the Premier League, Gareth Southgate and interim manager Ryan Giggs have served as playing managers, but this is the first time in the history of the K League that a player has served as a player-manager. In modern soccer, teams have separate positions for players and managers, so it’s rare for a player to also be a manager. Soo-won has accomplished this difficult task.

Of course, there are not many coaches with a Class P license, and the decision was made on the basis that the next coach would not come to a team in danger of relegation, but the decision has been met with a strong backlash from fans. The main concern is that the loss of another legend is virtually certain.

Suwon has already seen a lot of blood due to its so-called “Real Blue” policy. Starting with Yoon Sung-hyo in 2010, Seo Won-jeong in 2013, Park Gun-ha in 2020, and Lee Byung-geun in 2022, all of them were legends who were part of Suwon’s glorious history as players, but none of them ended well.

Fans no longer want a former Suwon legend as head coach, and even if they do, they think it should be after he has gained plenty of coaching experience.

However, in a bizarre twist, the club chose Yeom Ki-hoon, who has been called Suwon’s living legend, as the acting head coach. The fans’ reactions have already crossed the irreversible river. They are angry that the club is using a shallow tactic to cover up the mistakes of the front office with a legendary coach.

Suwon fans are already preparing to take collective action. Suwon Samsung supporters Frente Tricolo released a statement on the 26th, saying, “We will no longer remain silent in the face of the front office’s attempts to cover up their incompetence by using the support for the players as a shield. 레모나토토

We demand accurate information and the club’s stance on the situation without distortions and lies from the supporters.” Individual supporters placed a wreath of flowers at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, where the club’s secretariat is located, and hung a Suwon Die sign outside the stadium.


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