‘Autumn Man’ Kang Seung-ho “I’m glad I hit it well, even if it was late”

‘Autumn Man’ Kang Seung-ho “I’m glad I hit it well, even if it was late”

With Kang Seung-ho (29-Dusan Bears) hitting so well, fall has definitely arrived.

In four games from November 11-17, Kang batted .471 (8-for-17) with two home runs, 18 RBI, five doubles, five runs scored, and a combined OPS of 1.559 with a .500 slugging percentage and 1.059 on-base percentage. He finished the week tied for first in doubles, tied for second in home runs, tied for fourth in hits, tied for first in RBIs, tied for third in on-base percentage, and tied for fifth in OPS.

Most notably, on April 15 against the Gwangju KIA Tigers, he recorded the 30th hit for the cycle in KBO history. It was also the KBO’s first “reverse cycle” record, hitting in reverse order from home runs to singles. Bonjee and Zoa Pharmaceutical named Kang Seung-ho the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the third week of September.

Kang Seung-ho’s hitting didn’t stop with one week. His batting average is 0.360 and his OPS is 1.001 (as of the 22nd) for the entire month of September. It’s not just this year that he’s been strong in the fall. In his career, he’s batting .290 since September, which is much better than his career average (.249). Last year, he also won the ZOAH Pharma Weekly MVP award once, also in the third week of September.

When asked how he felt about the award, Kang said, “I always seem to do well at this time of year, just like last year and this year. I feel like it’s a little late, but I’m glad it’s a late hit. It feels good to do well at a time when the team is competing for positions. I don’t feel particularly good, but I can see the ball a little better.”

Even with an equally good September, there was a difference in the third week for Kang Seung-ho. In eight games from September 1-10, Seung-ho had just one extra-base hit (a .015 on-base percentage), but in four games from September 11-17, his on-base percentage jumped to .290 with six hits (two home runs, one triple, and three doubles).

“In the beginning of September, I was conscious that I had a lot of wasted swings,” Kang said. I tried to look at the ball for a long time, and my hitting point naturally moved back,” said Kang. “I think my recent increase in long balls is due to the fact that I didn’t pay much attention to false swings. “My results have improved as I’ve been swinging from the direct hit point. I think it’s because I’m getting results and I’m feeling more confident.”

On the 15th over, he said, “I was lucky. 스포츠토토 I remember in my last at-bat (in the top of the ninth), I had one out. If I had a chance to win the game, I might have stopped at first base or swung short, even if it was a double or triple. But it was a tie game. I thought, “If it’s a long ball, I’m going to get around the bases, and the guy in front of me, Jose Rojas, is not a fast runner, so if I hit it short, I could have gotten killed,” he recalls.


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