“Do as I say, not as I do!” Pep is a douchebag soccer?…Gracie “I like results, I like no lip service”

“Do as I say, not as I do!” Pep is a douchebag soccer?…Gracie “I like results, I like no lip service”

England international midfielder Jack Grealish, who played 50 official games for Manchester City last season and helped the club to a European treble, has described Pep Guardiola as a domineering manager but praised him for getting good results.

City released a video interview with the midfielder on Aug. 22 (KST), who has been sidelined with an injury. He didn’t even make the starting lineup for City’s UEFA Champions League match against Zvezda in Serbia on Tuesday.

However, he took to the club’s podcast to reveal a number of behind-the-scenes revelations about Guardiola and perform some fan service.

In his view, Guardiola is a tactically minded manager.

“He’s a tactically-minded manager,” he said, rattling off “of course” when asked if it takes time to adjust under Pep. He pointed to the Premier League second-round home game against Newcastle on Aug. 20.

In that game, Grealish played out of position as a winger and huddled at the back. “(The tactic) was a directive from Pep,” Grealish said, adding, 토토사이트 “You don’t understand it at first glance, but Pep is a results man.” He was enthusiastic in his support. He said that if the manager’s instructions are clear, the players will follow them. That day, City beat Newcastle 1-0.

“Pep is a ‘do it!’ type of manager,” says Grillisi, “and the players understand why he’s asking them to do it, so they do it.” He also puts players in unfamiliar positions, which may take time to adjust to under Guardiola.

Grealish also admitted that he has been impressed by Guardiola himself.

“Last April was the most important moment of my career,” he said, “I had to play nine games in April. As far as I know, I was the only player who played the whole of April,” he said. “I had to play a game every three or four days, including the (FA Cup) semifinal against Sheffield United, the Champions League quarterfinal against Bayern Munich, and the Premier League games against Liverpool and Arsenal.”


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