‘Returned from P-level training’ Kim Jin-gyu “Gwangju plays good soccer and we need to match it”

‘Returned from P-level training’ Kim Jin-gyu “Gwangju plays good soccer and we need to match it”

“Gwangju plays good soccer and we have to match it.”

Kim Jin-gyu, the acting head coach of FC Seoul, sounded confident. After earning his first win in charge of Seoul with a 1-0 victory over Suwon Samsung in the Super Match on Feb. 2 before the A-League break, Kim will be looking to extend his winning streak. The opponent is Gwangju FC, who are on a frightening upward trajectory.

Seoul will host Gwangju FC in the 30th round of the K League 1 on Sunday at 2 p.m. at Seoul World Cup Stadium. Seoul is in fourth place with 11 wins, 10 draws, and 8 losses (43 points), behind third-place Gwangju (45 points, 12 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses). This means that with a win today, the two teams will swap places.

While Seoul has turned things around under Kim, Gwangju has also become a team that has forgotten about defeat with four wins and five draws in its last nine matches.

Kim recently boarded a plane to Spain for a P-level coaching course and returned home early with just two days before the game. He chose to take the reins against Gwangju, opting for further training. “I went to the training and had a really tight schedule. “I’ve seen Barcelona’s system from youth to adult, and I’ve seen Espanyol defensively,” he said, “and I want to incorporate what I’ve learned into the team, if not today, then later.

“The coaches were in constant contact with me. We shared training content and videos,” he said, adding, “Gwangju is playing good soccer under coach Lee Jung-hyo, and we need to match it. We will play a little more intense soccer today.” 온라인바카라

Seoul hasn’t won back-to-back games this season. Kim said, “That’s what’s disappointing. We need a lot of wins to improve our performance. Personally, I think the players were under pressure, but I don’t think there is any such thing in training these days. It’s a free-thinking atmosphere,” he said confidently. Seoul has played Gwangju twice this season, winning both times.

Kim’s attacking lineup included Kim Hyun-hyeop, Kim Shin-jin, and Na Sang-ho. Na Sang-ho, who has been consistently called up to the A squad, was recently dropped from Klinsmann’s roster for two European away games (Wales and Saudi Arabia). The venom is palpable. Kim said, “We met before we went (to Spain). After the roster announcement, there was more positivity than disappointment. He said he would work hard and find his place (in the national team) again. He had a good two weeks of training.”


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