“I’m playing the role of Pirella” Thanks to the little giant of outfield health-saving enthusiasm, “I’m actually struggling”

“I’m playing the role of Pirella” Thanks to the little giant of outfield health-saving enthusiasm, “I’m actually struggling”

The Samsung Lions outfield has been a happy place lately.

Young blood Kim Hyun-jun and Kim Sung-yoon have been sticking around, while Koo Ja-uk, who has a hamstring injury, and Jose Pirela, who has a plantar strain, have been alternating as the designated hitter.

Why this rotation allows for rest. Because of outfield all-arounder Kim Sung-yoon, 24.

He plays left field when Pirela is out and right field when Guzauk is out. He can even cover the middle infield.

Before the game against Hanwha on the 22nd, Samsung manager Park Jin-man thanked Kim Sung-yoon, saying, “Kim Sung-yoon’s outfield defense is helping the existing outfielders to make physical saves.”

You are experiencing a full season in the middle of summer for the first time since your debut. It’s going to be tough.

A player who runs around a lot. But at least he looks healthy on the outside. He’s always upbeat and energetic, livening up the dugout with his play.

“He’s very competitive and always tries to do his best. He’s always trying to get one more base. He is playing the role that Pirela played until last year for the whole team.”

In fact, Kim Sung-yoon played a complete game against Hanwha on the 22nd.

In the top of the third inning, Kim Ji-chan hit a grounder to first base that took the wind out of Hanwha starter Lee Tae-yang’s sails. In the aftermath was Kim’s dune ball.

1st inning, 1st base. Kim Sung-yoon tried a surprise bunt on the first pitch, forcing Lee Tae-yang to rush out.

He immediately hit a two-pitch forkball for a triple to the right-center field fence to bring in Kim. A single to take the lead.

“I remembered that Ji-chan had a lot of movement in his at-bat, so I thought this would be a good opportunity, so I thought I should try to bunt, and when the first pitch didn’t go for a fair hit, I thought I should try to hit the ball that would form toward the body, and I think it worked out well.”

With a 1-0 lead in the sixth inning, he led off with a single and then hit an infield grounder, using his quick feet to make a head-first slide to first base. 메이저사이트 After stealing second on Koo’s fly ball to right, Sung-yoon took third on Kang Min-ho’s fly ball to center, a smart play that took advantage of the outfielder’s positioning.

“When I saw the base coach’s signal, I thought I had to retouch, so I came back, and when I started again, I was in the same outfield position, so I thought it would be a bit difficult to throw the ball I caught while stepping back from that distance, so I made a play with the confidence that I could save it, and when I went to third base, I thought it was a bit far, so I took a chance, and it worked out.”


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