Captain SON and the ratings are completely different…BBC commentator says “Brno shouldn’t have been Man U captain”

Captain SON and the ratings are completely different…BBC commentator says “Brno shouldn’t have been Man U captain”

Claims have emerged that Bruno Fernandes is not fit to be captain.

Manchester United lost 0-2 to Tottenham Hotspur in the second round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (EPL) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 1:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday. The loss leaves United in 12th place in the league with a 1-1 record (3 points).

There was a call that changed the course of the game. In the 26th minute, a shot by Garnacho hit Romero in the hand. However, a video assistant referee (VAR) review showed that a penalty kick (PK) was not awarded. United captain Bruno strongly protested the decision, but it was not accepted. As a result, United missed the chance to take the lead. They conceded two goals in the second half and lost 0-2.

After the game, Bruno was furious: “You have to ask the referee. They should be interviewed after the game so they can explain themselves (about the decision). It was clearly a PK. There’s no excuse for not watching (the on-field review),” he said.

He also demanded a direct apology. United were not awarded a PK for Onana’s hit on Sasa Kalajic against Wolverhampton. However, John Moss, the head of the EPL’s refereeing body, later apologized directly to Wolverhampton.

“I want to see what happens this time because it’s the same thing that happened last week, I want to see what happens this time, I want to see if he comes to our locker room and apologizes, 메이저놀이터 I want him to come and apologize like he did to the Wolverhampton manager,” Bruno said.

Seeing this behavior, Chris Sutton insisted that he was not a captain. He appeared on the “Daily Mail Sports Podcast” in the United Kingdom on the 22nd and said: “Bruno should not be the captain of United. The above behavior basically sums him up. As a captain, you have to take responsibility. He needs to show better leadership, not blame the referee,” he said strongly.

“It’s not a bold statement. If you look at United, they actually have a few leaders. There are players like Rafael Varane, Luke Shaw, Casemiro who have better leadership. You don’t want to get in the trenches with Bruno.”

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