“I know you’re uncomfortable” Lee Da-young reveals her messenger messages to Kim Yeon-kyung.

“I know you’re uncomfortable” Lee Da-young reveals her messenger messages to Kim Yeon-kyung.

Lee Da-young (Bolero Le Cané), who was the subject of a school violence controversy, is making waves by revealing the contents of a messenger conversation she had with Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life), a former teammate, as they reportedly had a feud within the team.

On the 18th, Lee posted on her social media along with a capture of her sister Lee Jae-young’s interview article, saying, “Today’s ‘Lee Jae-young’s Interview Article Part 2’ was deleted for unknown reasons in just over 15 minutes, but I’m posting the article to let the truth be known. At the end of the article, I also attached a photo of the evidence of the content mentioned in the article. I will release more evidence in the future,” he wrote.

Lee then went on to reveal the details of her past Messenger conversations with Kim Yeon-kyung.

At around 12:02 a.m., Lee sent a long message to Kim Yeon-kyung, saying, “I’m really sorry for contacting you so late, but I just wanted to talk to you once… I want to be honest with you,” she said, adding, “I know you don’t want me to write to you like this, but I’m really struggling. I’m scared every time I practice, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared, and I’m scared.”

“I know you hate me more because I don’t do anything really good and I keep doing things that you don’t like,” she said, “but I’m so happy and grateful that I’m playing on the same team with you. I know you’ll hate me even more if I say this, but you’re so good to me, you’re a wonderful senior, and I want to have a wonderful season with you,” she said.

Lee Da Young replied, “I know you’re uncomfortable. I know you don’t like it, and I just want you to stop being so busy. I’m trying to be more careful so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. So please relax your dislike a little bit,” she emphasized.

Kim Yeon-kyung replied, “Just because I’m doing it, don’t mind if it’s hard and scary, because I don’t like you and I’m uncomfortable.”

The reason for Lee’s message was due to an interview Lee gave to volleyball media outlet The Spike.

In an interview published by The Spike earlier in the day, Lee mentioned the feud between Kim Yeon-kyung and Lee Da-young in the past.

Lee Jae-young said, “Since Kim Yeon-kyung came (to the team), there have been problems with teamwork. When she talked to Lee Da Young, she ignored her and gave her a bad look, but Lee Da Young just looked away. When she couldn’t stand it, she said, “If you have a problem with me, tell me. I’ll do my best,’ but it didn’t work. For no particular reason, only Lee Da-young had to endure a hellish situation alone,” she revealed.

He continued, “When Lee Da Young saw the text (from Kim Yeon Kyung), she cried profusely. Kim Yeon-kyung finally said, ‘There’s a problem,’ but she didn’t say why. That’s when Lee Da-young took extreme action,” he explained.

Lee Jae-young claimed that after the game against GS Caltex on February 5, 2021, Lee Da-young attempted an extreme act and barely woke up two days later due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and that the timing of the bullying revelations just days after this incident can only be described as coincidental. 카지노

Meanwhile, Kim Yeon-kyung’s side released a statement on April 16.


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